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Gaseous fire extinguishing systems are the system of choice for business critical areas such as data centres, computer server rooms, telecoms rooms, electrical switchgear rooms and other vulnerable areas where fast protection without water damage is essential.

Inert systems are ideal for the protection of irreplaceable items such as archives, stores, laboratories, gas turbines, oil sites and power generation. The gas extinguishant disperses throughout the whole space and penetrates cabinets and restricted areas providing total protection.

The FSL Inertech System Features:

  • No controlling orifice plates

  • At least 1 pipe size reduction

  • Reduced room venting

  • Single or multiple row banking

  • No pilot cylinders

  • Optimised for 60 and 120 second discharge

  • System can be used with IG-55, IG-541, IG-100 & IG-01

  • Reduced noise and turbulence

  • No check valves on multi space protection actuation

  • Full LPCB approvals

  • Choice of 200 or 300 bar systems


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